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4 Powerful Ways to Get New Clients

How to dramatically increase your income from clients - Introduction

How to Dramatically Increase Your Income From Clients by Improving Your Sales Funnel and Using Cutting Edge Internet Strategies.

So the basic problem is that many consultants are just finding it very hard to grow their business. They're finding that past methods to get clients no longer work. It's just getting harder and harder, and also the advertising that they do is just becoming more expensive and less effective. And the reason for this is just increased competition. It's very easy now for anyone to set up a website and start advertising, and it's very hard to get yourself to stand out and to get people into your sales funnel and to close them as clients.

So in the past, people used to advertise a lot in the printed media. And then with Internet, SEO firms emerged. A lot of them were pretty rubbish anyway. I mean some of them were quite good, but unfortunately some of them were run by cowboys and they kept on promising the results would come later and then they never came. And it was only after wasting a lot of money with these people that you realise that they weren't really getting anywhere.

And even when they were a good firm that did get you ranked high, what happened was Google introduced these algorithm changes. Especially a few years ago, Panda and Penguin and these significantly decreased the effectiveness of SEO and the normal backlinking strategy that people followed. So as a result, many websites went down a lot. People lost a lot of traffic. People lost a lot of income.

So as a result, a lot of consultants tried Google AdWords to get clients. Now this can work well in certain niches, but a lot of the time people finding it very difficult to get to work because it can cost a lot of money. In fact, the cost-per-click is just getting higher and higher because of the increased competition. And unless someone devotes a lot of time to adwords to really understanding how the platform works and also how to really get inside the psychology of the surfer with the titles and descriptions, they're finding that Google AdWords is not that effective at reaching the right people and getting them to become clients.

A lot of these firms that say they specialise in Google AdWords and will do it for you, are actually not very good either. And what they tend to do is get someone quite junior to just churn out a load of titles and descriptions that are pretty generic and don't really sell your services well and they're pretty ineffective. So Google AdWords can work, but you really need to know what you're doing to get it to work well.

However, there is an alternative. If you look around, you will see some consultancies are growing fast. Some consultants are making a lot of money. So why is this? It's because they're picking up an increasing number of new clients, and the reason is the implementing a lot of new strategies and tactics. So the question arises, what are these strategies and tactics?

How to dramatically increase your income from clients - Part 1

Firstly, increased traffic from Facebook. So Facebook started out great, but it just gets more and more amazing every year. I'm not talking about from the user's perspective, although that has got a lot better too, but I'm talking now about as a platform for business to advertise on. It has a much better demographic targeting than Adwords, so you can do several campaigns, each to a different audience and find out which one produces the best ROI.

It's very easy to get started advertising on Facebook. You can build a page in a few minutes and start posting to it. Then it's very easy to boost a post to get more likes to your page or opt ins to your list. You can also learn a lot from how people respond to your ads. Which sales copy do they like? Which image do they prefer? Not only can you post ads with a specific call to action, you can also provide free useful content like articles, pictures, or videos. This is very useful for branding as we shall see later on in this report.

It has grown into a very sophisticated advertising platform, especially with the power editor. This allows you to easily duplicate campaigns and then tweak something and split test both together. It may sound slightly daunting at first, but it is well worth doing.

One particularly good thing about Facebook advertising is that you can track their behaviour. When you place their pixel on every page on your site, you can track who visits your site, opt ins to your list, and who buys the product, and much more. Then you can segment these audiences and run a different campaign to each one with different images and a different hook.

Also, you can scale things up really easily by the lookalike feature. E.G., Facebook can look at your customers and find a much larger group of people who behave in a very similar way to them, and then you can run a campaign to these people. Usually this produces a much larger ROI than campaigns to the general market.

Facebook works very well for B2C, but it also works well for B2B. Many business owners and decision makers are on Facebook and the number is growing every day. Through the demographic targeting you can make sure that you target them. If done intelligently, you'll probably find your advertising costs on Facebook are much cheaper than ad words.

How to dramatically increase your income from clients - Part 2

Number two, increased traffic from YouTube.

We usually start with Facebook advertising as we find it normally produces better results than YouTube. However, this is not always the case. Also, a sizable percentage of people are either not on Facebook at all or do not go on it very often. However, these same people may spend a lot of time on YouTube. With Facebook, you can do image or video ads. With YouTube, you could only do video ads. However, video often converts very well, so this is not a particular problem.

The big difference with Facebook is in Facebook, people are not searching for anything. In particular, they are not looking for a solution to a problem. They're just scrolling through their newsfeed, liking kitten pictures, etcetera. With YouTube, on the other hand, they're always searching for a keyword phrase. This may indicate that they are open to your product or service. E.g., if they search, "How to learn to play the piano," and you're a local piano teacher who's uploaded some very useful video lessons, they might look at your lessons. They might come to like you and appreciate your skill and teaching style, and they might give you a call to book a lesson in the flesh. The fact that they are actively searching for information on learning to play the piano makes them much more motivated than someone in the same demographic who's just going through liking kitten photos on Facebook.

Another plus for YouTube is that there are two places you can advertise. These are known as "in stream" or "discovery". With both of these ads, you only pay if someone actually watches the video or clicks the link in the call to action. "In stream" are those ads that run before the video that has been selected to see. The viewer is forced to watch the ad for at least five seconds before they can skip it, e.g., less than a couple of minutes. Discovery ads do not play automatically, but they appear near the top of the listings. These are better for longer informative videos. The fact that the viewer actually clicks on them with the intention of watching it means that they're more aligned to your funnel, which makes them easier to move along it.

So, advertise on YouTube. You just use the AdWords platform. If you're familiar with that, it helps a lot with the learning curve. You can control who the ad is shown to using a variety of different factors, demographics, interests, remarketing, placements, topics, and keywords. For example, you could find a popular exercise video that fits into your market and place your video in front of that, targeting men over 55 who googled, "How to stay fit," assuming you are selling an exercise product for men in that demographic.

How to dramatically increase your income from clients - Part 3

Number three, getting people to opt into your list and building rapport and branding through videos and emails. Now, the old way of doing business is paying for an advert online, hoping someone clicks on it and goes to your website, and then you just hope that they buy something. However, quite often they just scan your site for a couple of seconds and then close down the browser and go on to the next one. Then they're lost forever in the ocean of cyberspace and your paths may never cross again, and you've wasted that money that you spent on that ad.

What you absolutely need to do is to capture their information so that you can contact them again. The very best way of doing this is to offer them a lead magnet. You offer them some valuable content in exchange for them opting in. Once they've opted in, you can send them an unlimited number of emails for the rest of their lives.

I'm not talking about spamming them. These must be useful emails. In your autoresponder software, you can track open rates of the email and also clicks to the links inside the email. You should study this carefully for each email, so you can learn which sort of emails they like getting. You should then stop sending them the types of emails with low engagement. These are the ones that annoy them and get them to unsubscribe or consign you to the spam folder alternatively.

So these emails could be in the form of text, images and links to videos and webinars. So the email could just contain some useful information right there in the email. That is one kind of email. Alternatively, the email could try and persuade them to click the link in the email that would go to a video. Videos are particularly important as they give you a much better opportunity to build a rapport.

It's the next best thing to being there with them in person, in their house. They can just get the feeling that they are getting to know you a bit and that you're becoming a friend, someone you can trust, et cetera. That's what branding is all about. I'm assuming of course that you are trustworthy and that your products and services are good quality and good value. This course is not intended for people who want to rip off or mislead others. You can provide them useful content that help them solve their problems. Don't forget that we all see things in different ways and what may seem really obvious to you, is not at all obvious to someone else.

So you educate them and help them all the time, creating more rapport. Even if they do not opt in to your list, there's a sneaky way that you can re-target them if they come from Facebook, Linkedin or YouTube. You can put a tracking pixel on your website so that you could run ads specifically for people who've previously been to that page on your website. These people may have not opted into your email list, but they do know you at least a little. They therefore already clicked on the link that went to your website, so this traffic is a bit warmer. And you could use different images, different ad copy and a different offer in the ad. You could also do this as a different advertising campaign to purely cold traffic. And you should find the ROI on your ad costs would be very different.

How to dramatically increase your income from clients - Part 4

Step number four. Sending them automated sequences, selling big ticket items and cross selling other products. So, assuming that you've captured their email address, you can now send them automated sequences that sell a big ticket item. There are many ways you can do this.

One way is to invite them to opt in to a webinar. You can call it a web class or web training.  You could send an email with a link to a five minute video that gives them good content and invites them to opt in to a web class in a few days to learn more, than you could send them another email with a link to a video the next day and not on the next day, then comes the webinar where you give them excellent content for about an hour and then you start to close them on the big ticket item, which just gives them the ability to do everything you've talked about in your videos. You could also invite them to call you or one of your staff after the webinar for the final close. Big ticket items often more easily closed over the phone than just from a web form.

If they do not buy the big ticket item, then they just go back into your sequence and you continue to give them good content and then you can try again in the future with another sequence of videos and webinars that approach the close from a different angle with a different hook. The advantage of using webinars is it gives you a chunk of time and a real chance to hit their buttons and layer on the benefits of what you're selling. It also creates some scarcity because if they miss the webinar, they might miss the opportunity to buy from you.

In addition to sequences selling a big ticket item, you can also sell other products. So, your emails should have the following purposes. Build rapport, be entertaining, give valuable content, sell your big ticket items, sell your standard items, sell third party products and gain a commission. So, give them some variety and mix and match, but I would say that you should make sure you're continually building rapport and giving content even when you are trying to sell something.

So, the question arises, what would your business look like if you increased the volume and quality of your traffic as well as improved your sales funnel?

How to dramatically increase your income from clients - Conclusion

I believe the sky's the limit. I know some people who've made massive amounts of money by doing that. Could you possibly increase your income by 50% in three months? Well, I don't know your business. I don't know you. But I believe this sort of thing is certainly possible, just because the scalability that is inherent in the internet. I mean if you already work full-time, obviously time becomes your biggest constraint, so then you then have to push up your fees, or maybe work smarter by reducing the amount of time with each client or putting them in a group situation or so.

Now, would you like to explore your situation further with me personally? We could work together to determine your sales goals, identify, plan, and look at emails and videos. And then afterwards, we can create together a personalised action plan to increase your consultancy income, and I'll do this totally free of charge. Now, obviously I'm not a charity. I do like helping people. It's true. But obviously I am hoping that a certain percentage of people, not everyone, but some people that I go through this process with will become my clients afterwards. And then I'm very happy... You know if you don't become a client, that's fine.

So after this process, you have two options. You can take no action, or you can take the blueprint that I give you, and you can implement it by yourself, and that's absolutely fine if you decide to do that. There won't be any pressure or anything like that. Or, number two, you could ask me to help you implement some or all of the blueprint. In other words, you ask to become one of my clients. This is a free consultation, actually no pressure. I'll just do my best to help you.

So the way we do it is to meet online using web conferencing software, so we can share screens and so on, and we just create the plan together in real-time. I'll ask you a few questions. I'll give you some input. And obviously, I won't put anything in the plan that you're not happy with, but I think you'll find it extremely useful. And then at the end, I'll create a sort of blueprint, and I'll email it to you as a PDF, so you'll have that whether or not you decide to go ahead with me.

So I believe that it's in your interest to go through this process with me. It does take a bit of time maybe, but I think you will enjoy it, and I think you will definitely learn something from the process because I do believe that I have some good ideas that can help you, and you will find of interest. Even if you just get one light bulb moment from it, that could have a significant impact on to your business, so I think it's well worth doing. You should definitely take this offer up.

Now, I can't unfortunately help everyone, so I have to try and decide who I am able to help and who I can't, so I do ask you to make an application for this. So if you click the button below, you can make an application for the planning session.  So I look forward to meeting online.